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A Unique Method to Save Your Company a Lot of Money!

Attention: Owners of Construction firms, Environmental firms, Industrial firms, Commercial firms, Nuclear Power Generator facilities, Mining Operations, Chemical Manufacturing firms, Hazardous Waste Removal & Remediation firms, Medical firms, and all other firms that are concerned with the safety of their personnel and the public, and strive to remain in compliance with Local, State, and Federal Codes and Regulations. The safety-related training and consulting services of Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. is available for adoption.

If your firm has a full-time Trainer, Safety Manager, Quality Control Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, or Environmental Compliance Manager that is utilized on a part-time basis to provide training, then he or she will most likely have a considerable amount of free time available after performing various safety-related duties, unlike Managers of Operations. As a result, your firm may be spending excessive salaries for overhead functions that do not require the full-time usage of Environmental, Health, and Safety management personnel. If they are not busy on a regular basis, accomplishing operational duties other than occasional overhead functions, you may be pouring a large percentage of your company’s profits down the drain.

In order to prevent unnecessary spending for salaried overhead personnel to provide temporary training and other safety-related services, you should seriously consider the use of PSTS, Inc. Instructors and Consultants. PSTS, Inc. Instructors and Consultants are experienced, knowledgeable, courteous, and capable of providing your personnel with interesting, motivational, and informative training. All PSTS, Inc. Instructors and Consultants have both field operations and environmental engineering experience. This combination along with excellent teaching skills, make our Instructors and Consultants some of the best in the world.

If your company is tired of having your in-house Safety Instructors teach company personnel they usually see on a daily basis, the same dry and redundant information, and you still have to pay for their idle time, then you should consider acquiring (adopting) the services of PSTS, Inc. on either a regular contractual basis, or on as needed basis. If your company should decide to include a training service for your clients, offered by your firm, in order to increase your revenue, you can indicate it on your company brochure, and feel free to inform your clients that you are also in the Safety Training and Consulting business.

By adopting our services as a third party provider, PSTS, Inc. could conduct the training through your firm and also provide you with a percentage of the profits earned from the actual training of which we will conduct at your facility, your client’s facility, or at the Cal-Tech Learning Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We are available for adoption as your safety training and safety consulting provider, and will travel anywhere in the USA, the U.S. Territorial Islands, and Canada, if there are ten (10) or more individuals to be trained, depending on the type of course and length of the course.

Please continue to review our web site for a list of the names of courses and training services we provide at the reduced fees for Course attendance at the Cal-Tech Learning Center. The Student Enrollment Forms, Directions, and Contact Information are also indicated on this web site.

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