CPR Class

Calvin C. Williams, Owner of PSTS, Inc. , observes Maryann Murphy, Instructor and Owner of SAVE A LIFE, INC. , as she performs CPR and First-Aid techniques during a Training Session.

Would you know what to do if someone in your family, a co-worker on your job, or even someone you do not know, would suddenly appear to have a heart attack, appear to be choking, or seem to be suffering from a seizure? Many children and adults have choked to death or suffered a severe heart attack because there were no knowledgeable individuals available to apply the Heimlich maneuver, or to administer CPR.

Would you know what to do if a person was suffering from a serious bone fracture or is bleeding heavily from a major head or body wound? By the time emergency responders would arrive after being notified, serious complications could occur or a person could bleed to death.

Your lack of knowledge or familiarization with CPR, AED's and First-Aid techniques, the absence of an emergency medical technician, or a person that is qualified and proficient in administering life-saving measures, could mean the difference between life and death .

The Safety and Health Management Guidelines #54:3904-3916 (a) (3) (iii) (iv) of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) - General Industry Standards, clearly states that a company, agency, or individuals shall accomplish the following:

  • Paragraph (iii) - Plan and prepare for emergencies, and conduct training and drills as needed, so that the response of all parties to emergencies will be "second nature."
  • Paragraph (iv) - Establish a medical program that includes availability of first-aid on site and of physician and emergency medical care nearby, so that harm will be minimized if any injury or illness does occur.

Everyone should realize that professional medical technicians may not always be available should a life-threatening situation arise , especially if a person finds themselves choking on food at home or in a restaurant, suddenly experience an unsuspected heart attack, or obtain a serious wound from an automobile or occupational accident.

In essence, everyone, including our family members, should receive CPR, AED and First-Aid training so that they will know immediately what to do in case of an emergency at home, at work, while exercising, or while traveling. Proper training, practice and planning, can produce life-saving results.

Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. has Certified Instructors that are qualified and immediately available to teach adult and child CPR and First-Aid Courses in accordance with Red Cross, American Heart Association, and National Safety Council Requirements.

Do not wait for an emergency to happen at work or at home before you decide to call 911 because no one is readily available to perform the crucial life-saving techniques. Call PSTS, Inc. to obtain the necessary training now , so you will not be sorry later. Remember; "An Ounce of Prevention, is Worth a Pound of Cure!"

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