Defensive Driving Courses are Now Available!

Defensive Driving Courses for groups of individuals are being taught at the Cal-Tech Learning Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, upon request. Many of the following types of companies have invited Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. to their facilities to teach their Drivers how to drive more safely in an effort to reduce serious and costly accidents:

  • Defensive drivingTaxi and Limousine Services                                                    
  • Delivery Services
  • Emergency vehicle Services
  • Commercial, Tour, and School Bus Services
  • Courier Services
  • Freight Transportation Services
  • Furniture Moving Services
  • Drivers of Fleet Vehicles for Commercial and Public Utility Services
  • Drivers of Mail Delivery Vehicles for U.S. Postal Services, etc.

In addition to the above types of transportation services, many individuals that would like to personally learn how to drive more safely on a daily basis, during inclement weather, on various types of terrain and more especially during city and long distance driving, should attend Motor Vehicle Awareness and Defensive Driving Courses at the Cal-Tech Leaning Center.

The Courses are taught by motivated Instructors that are safety-conscious and experienced Drivers. Many of the Course graduates have discovered that the training they received have helped them to drive slower, safer, and more responsively. Various students that had often been cited by the police for exceeding the speed limit reported that they no longer receive speeding citations while driving. Safe driving practices could keep Insurance rates from increasing and also prevent the loss of Driver licenses and driving privileges.

Many companies have also informed PSTS, Inc. that their rate of vehicle accidents have decreased considerably as a result of the training their Drivers received. These types of positive reports support the fact that Motor Vehicle Awareness & Defensive Driver training is definitely essential. The minimal amount of cost and time to attend the Courses will be worthwhile spending. Shown below, are fatal accidents that could have been avoided if drivers had been properly trained.

 Defensive Driving     Defensive Driving      Defensive Driving

To request the training services of Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. to conduct a Motor Vehicle Awareness and Defensive Driver Course for your personnel at your facility, contact the Chief Instructor: Calvin C. Williams, Sr.