Complimentary Disaster Awareness
And Emergency Preparedness Seminars

Calvin C. Williams, Sr., PHD

CalvinIf you would like to learn how to recognize and detect terrorist attacks in advance before they happen, how to prepare for a horrific hurricane, tornado, wildfires, an earthquake, a blackout, or an unsuspected contagious epidemic, and how to safely evacuate or escape from these hazardous situations, you should attend a free Emergency Preparedness Seminar at the Cal-Tech Learning Center at 102 Browning Lane – Building C - Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The introductory Seminars are presented by Calvin C. Williams, an Environmental Engineer and Environmentalist. Williams is the Chief Instructor and President and CEO of Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. He is also the Owner of the Cal-Tech Learning Center and Owner of the Universal Speakers Bureau.

Dr. Williams is recognized internationally, as an excellent Motivational Speaker. He has lectured throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. His speaking services and master of ceremony services are in high demand. He has been featured in numerous national magazines, newspaper articles, and has appeared on many radio and television talk shows. He is the author of “How to Become a Confident Speaker and Persuasive Presenter and “Instant Inspiration,” which consists of a unique collection of motivational and inspiring messages.

His appearance as a featured speaker at your next business or social event will be a joyful and delightful experience you and the audience will never forget. HURRY, CALL NOW! 1(800) 758-4440 or write to Universal Speakers Bureau – P.O. Box 2133 – Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Dr. Williams’ appearance schedule is starting to become booked solid. To learn more about Universal Speakers Bureau and Dr. Williams, log onto: and click onto the USB link, or e-mail: information can also be found on web sites:, and (Please turn on your speakers for background music).

Since 1988, Dr. Williams has traveled throughout the USA, U.S. Territorial Islands and Canada where he has been paid for his dynamic speeches and presentations pertaining to Environmental Lectures, Disaster Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Seminars. His speaking fees are reasonable and he is currently available for speaking engagements.

The complimentary Seminars are being conducted for a limited time in an effort to encourage people to plan and prepare in advance for unexpected disasters and emergencies.

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