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If you would like to learn how to be prepared in advance to deal with emergency situations or horrific man-made or natural disasters before they happen, you should register to attend a 2-Hour Disaster Control and Emergency Response Seminar at the Cal-Tech Learning Center located at 102 Browning Lane, Building C, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Listed below are some of the items that will be covered during the brief Seminar:

  1. How to prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes and floods
  2. How to prepare for unexpected terroristic attacks
  3. How to prepare and protect against bomb threats
  4. How to avoid contamination from chemical attacks
  5. How to prepare and protect against nuclear attacks
  6. How to recognize suspicious mail with letter bombs
  7. How to prepare and maneuver during blackouts
  8. How to secure buildings and safeguard personnel
  9. How to prevent and safely extinguish fires at home

The seminars will be taught by Calvin C. Williams, Sr., President of Professional Safety Training Services, Inc., Director of Universal Speakers Bureau and Owner of the Cal-Tech Learning Center.  The seminars will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Saturday Mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. (The dates and time of seminars may change based on PSTS, Inc. training schedules). The cost of the Disaster Control seminar at the Cal-tech Learning Center is: $55.00 per person. The cost for Calvin to teach the seminar at a client’s facility is: $75.00 per person (based on no less than twenty (20) people) . He is also available to lecture.

To enroll, please print out the Universal Speakers Bureau Student Enrollment Form at the bottom of any page of web site:, and add the seminar title: “2-Hour Disaster Control Seminar.” After completing the Form, fax it to: (856) 427-9508 or call: (856) 427-9500 to register.  Listed below are other seminars and Courses taught at the Cal-Tech Learning Center:

  1. 12-Hour Speaker Development Course - $295.*
  2. 6-Hour How to Become a Confident & Effective Speaker Course - $195.*
  3. 4-Hour Basic Introductory Speaker Course - $150.
  4. 2-Hour Seminar on How to Write a Motivational and Persuasive Speech - $100.
  5. 2-Hour Seminar on How to Start Home-Based or Professional Business - $100.

 *(These Courses will include Mr. Williams’ book on “How to Become a Confident and Effective Speaker”).

Hurry, Enroll now! The Seminars are filling up.  Seating is limited!

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