Companies can turn their complacent workers into safe and productive workers

Employee AttitudesIf your company has employees who contribute little, are not motivated to go the extra mile, and insist on working unsafely, there's still a chance you can bring them around. To do so, you will have to change your present method of teaching them how to work safely. Complacent workers often resist change and most often think of all training presented to them as being boring, unnecessary, uninteresting and in many cases, they consider what is being taught, to be redundant information. Many older workers or long-time employees feel they know more than the Instructor. This type of thinking and unsafe actions could often cause fatal injuries due to their negative attitudes.

Unhappy employees who are actively trying to leave a company and complacent employees just need something to motivate them, keep their interest, and receive the type of motivated training that will encourage them to work safely at all times. Company Trainers may not present this type of training on a regular basis, since production is most important to many companies. Therefore, it may be necessary to engage the services of a dedicated safety-related training firm like Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. to provide the spark of encouragement and knowledge they will require to make them more aware of unsafe situations in the workplace.

Complacent workers are usually followers rather than leaders. Although they may be productive workers they are not the most ambitious workers. They are most often satisfied with their present position and have no burning desire to seek higher-level positions. As a result, they often feel discouraged and do not put forth the effort to succeed. They are often not considered by Upper Management when it comes to promotion to supervisory positions because of their lack of assertiveness. If a company would like to cultivate the true potential and interest of complacent and less than happy workers, and also ensure that they will work safely at all times, they need to turn their employees complacent attitudes around to make them feel like they are an important part of the company's workforce. To accomplish this, a company should consider using the motivational training services of Professional Safety Training Services, Inc.




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