"We help less-fortunate people to succeed"

The Employment Assistance Training Services (EATS), Inc., Community Development Program is a non-profit organization that is designed to teach unemployed and underemployed individuals that live in blighted areas of cities and neglected communities throughout the USA and U.S. Territorial Islands, the applicable skills necessary to refurbish or demolish and rebuild homes for less-fortunate families within their own neighborhoods.

There are too many frustrated Veterans that return home from serving in the Military and many people are released from Correctional Institutions that are unable to obtain employment. Most of them end up homeless and are forced to live on the street. The unique EATS program could provide them with the necessary training and employment they will need in order to support themselves and their families.

The purpose of EATS, Inc. is to reduce the welfare ranks and the crime rate by providing employment opportunities. Skilled craftsmen, I.e., carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, drywall installers, bricklayers, painters, carpet installers will be available to teach welfare recipients and unemployed individuals within blighted communities how to completely renovate dilapidated city homes such as the one shown below. EATS, Inc. will welcome experienced retired or part-time Craftsmen with various trades and from different locations that would like to volunteer their time to teach the applicable construction skills.

The program participants will be taught Green construction techniques that will focus on the environment by weatherizing and retrofitting buildings to ensure that energy efficient homes will be available that will lower the cost of utilities and also make them more affordable for the occupants. It is also the intent of EATS to provide financial income by way of a job and create a sense of pride and self-esteem to people who may be destitute and help them to afford a better way of life.

Calvin C. Williams, Sr., Ph.D. is an Environmental Engineer. He is the Founder and Executive Director of EATS and the Cal-Tech Learning Center located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Dr. Williams also founded the former Give Opportunities Daily (G.O.D.) Job Rehabilitation Program in 1972. Through the G.O.D. Program, he visited many high schools, universities, and correctional centers to lecture, motivate and encourage students and inmates to prepare for successful careers.

Williams encouraged many people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and discouraged many young adults from leading a life of crime. The EATS Job Rehabilitation Program is unlike the G.O.D. Program because it will actually instruct the participants how to physically work smarter and safer. The EATS Program, founded in 2001, will get them involved in hands-on work activities. The Program is also designed to teach them essential Leadership and Management skills.

Dr. Williams has been featured in many newspaper articles, national magazines, and appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He has been cited and commended by many dignitaries such as President Lyndon B. Johnson for his outstanding community involvement.

It is his dream and major goal to someday acquire a large Training Center within the Camden County area of New Jersey and in other cities and communities with blighted areas throughout the USA, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The Training Facilities would include classrooms and all the shop equipment necessary to teach the EATS Program recipients the applicable skills they will require in order to refurbish or rebuild homes and other properties within their communities. Many abandoned and discarded homes that will be refurbished can be flipped over as a real estate venture in order to help pay the participants and to help support the program.

Williams, a disabled Veteran that served in both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army, experienced poverty at an early age and has experienced what it is like to be homeless and destitute. He pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and became a successful businessman, an environmentalist and a humanitarian who really cares about people and cleaning up the environment. He is available to speak to the media or any organization that would be interested in helping less-fortunate people to obtain job-related training and employment assistance.

EATS, Inc. is in dire need of financial support by way of contributions, donations, or a grant to get this program started. Any help will be appreciated. EATS depends solely on contributions, donations, and grants to subsidize the occupational training the program recipients will be required to have, in order to be qualified for employment. Once this program is financially established in major cities, training will be available for anyone (male or female) that are unemployed, on welfare, or are receiving minimal or no income.

Williams said that he has observed great changes in people over the years that were destitute and had given up hope before someone or an organization like the G.O.D. Job Rehabilitation Program that he founded in New London, Connecticut in 1972, or the EATS, Inc. Program came to their rescue. Both programs provided them with a job, motivation, a sense of pride and self-esteem. As a result, they became self-supportive and were able to contribute back to the communities much of what they earned and learned. To date, Williams has supported and conducted the Previous G.O.D. Program and the current EATS non-profit Job Rehabilitation Program without any financial assistance. He has helped many people to overcome obstacles and take control of their lives.

The EATS Program is not just about rebuilding dilapidated houses; it is about rebuilding lives, families and entire communities. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist EATS to obtain a grant, or would like to make a financial contribution, please call: (800) 758-4440, send an e-mail to: info@psts.com, or write to: EATS, Inc. - 102 Browning Lane - Building C - Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003-3195.

Shown above, is an abandoned deteriorated building within a blighted area of a major City that can be refurbished by trained individuals from within the neighborhood. EATS, Inc. will provide the necessary hands-on training. After this dilapidated brick structure is completely refurbished, it will be capable of housing multiple families.

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