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Environmental & Construction Employment Resource Services (ECERS) is a referral source for presenting construction and hazardous site worker employees to employers in need of reliable trained and untrained individuals to perform construction tasks and cleanup hazardous waste sites in a safe and timely manner. ECERS is not a Human Resources or Employment Agency that places people on jobs with employee benefits. Each individual that is referred to potential employers by ECERS will be screened to ensure that they do not have a criminal record, a poor attendance record during previous employment, applicable job experience, no indication of a history of alcohol or drugs, and that they have a reliable means of transportation to and from work on a daily basis. ECERS will also recommend Health Providers to Clients that require their new hires to be medically examined prior to employment, in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA). Employers in need of employees to work on construction or hazardous waste sites, will be required to pay a nominal fee for employee recruiting, evaluation, and job placement services provided by ECERS. Only the most qualified candidates for employment will be presented by ECERS to Company Managers for their consideration.


Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc., the parent company of ECERS, has received hundreds of urgent requests from Environmental, Construction, Chemical, Petroleum, and Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Firms since 1992; for the employment of individuals to work on their job sites. In addition, PSTS, Inc. and ECERS have received many requests from unemployed workers that are in dire need of employment. If you are a firm that may have a need for workers, please register to be on our list, by completing the ECERS New Employee Request Form. If you are an unemployed individual seeking employment, please complete the Employment Request & Registration Form.

It is not always easy to find the right people at the opportune time that companies are requesting trained or capable untrained workers, as well as the available firms that unemployed people are looking for, at the exact time they are searching. To find and provide companies with OSHA, DOT, EPA and MSHA trained and untrained workers that are not presently employed at a time they are most needed, takes a lot of research and searching by PSTS, Inc. and ECERS personnel in order to provide workers that are suitable to the firms that are seeking such individuals.

Since PSTS, Inc. and ECERS rely heavily upon word-of- mouth, references, and our excellent safety training reputation, it is imperative that we continue to supply the same type of quality personnel for our clients, as we provide during our safety training and consulting services. Our first priority will be to search for people that have completed a 40-Hour HAZWOPER Course or have recently completed an 8-Hour Annual OSHA Refresher Course. If no trained personnel are immediately available, PSTS, Inc. will be available to conduct the applicable training.

Due to the excessive amount of time and effort spent, interruption to our training schedules, and administrative costs to find and supply companies with the right reliable individuals, it is necessary for ECERS to charge companies a special reduced flat fee rate of $295.00 per candidate. This special introductory cost per person is much more reasonable than the high percentage fee rates charged by most expensive Employment Search firms for each person they provide, in addition to a large percentage they require from the new employees' initial salary.

Since most unemployed workers lack a suitable financial income during their period of unemployment, they will not be required to pay the $295.00 fee, unless their potential employer agrees to reimburse them.

Any Environmental or Construction-related firm in immediate need of trained or untrained workers, can contact Calvin or Curtis Williams of PSTS, Inc. or ECERS, by clicking onto the Contact indicator, below, or print out the ECERS New Employee Request Form. Please complete the Form and fax it or send it to us by e-mail. We will make every effort necessary to provide you with the right worker for your firm. PSTS, Inc. is also available to conduct Safety-Related Training for your existing and newly hired personnel in accordance with applicable Codes of Federal Regulations. Please keep in mind, that when you request our services, you can rest assured that HELP IS ON THE WAY!


Hazardous waste has been around for many years and it will take a long time to clean up hazardous waste sites throughout the USA, U.S. Territorial Islands, and the world. Many contaminated sites have to be cleaned up. There will always be plenty of work in this field. A lot of money can be earned! Likewise, Construction firms are in constant need of reliable and dedicated workers. Companies that have used our services are pleased with our results.

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