Emergency Preparedness

Do not wait to prepare until it is too late, because unexpected disasters will not hesitate!

Do you feel our Country is as safe, secure, and as well prepared as we should be for any type of emergency? Have you prepared your place of business or your home for potential disasters that could strike without warning? Perhaps the devastating hurricanes we recently experienced and this article will get our attention and help all of us to be more aware of potential disasters that could occur when we least expect them. In the NEWS section of the PSTS, Inc. web site, are articles that were written and posted on the site to make people more aware of the disasters and hazardous situations that could happen unexpectedly without warning.

Whether these terrible disasters that often catch us off guard and by surprise are man-made or caused by nature, your company’s Environmental Health & Safety Manager will need to begin immediately to prepare Emergency Preparedness Plans, Emergency Response Plans and Emergency Contingency Plans in advance. If your Safety Manager is too busy or unable to prepare the applicable Emergency Response Plans, and have need of help, please feel free to Contact Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. for assistance. PSTS, Inc. is capable of writing your Emergency Response Plans and Procedures.

PSTS, Inc. is readily available during devastating emergencies to assist the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Federal, State, County, and Municipal governmental agencies, and large Environmental Waste Management Firms, upon their request to have their personnel properly trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemical waste, infectious waste, and other contaminated materials during the aftermath of any type of devastating catastrophe. Safety Courses are taught in accordance with Federal Regulations.

Emergency Preparation

Qualified PSTS, Inc. Instructors with many years of training experience are available to teach your company’s personnel how to comply with the applicable Emergency Response Plans and Safety & Security Procedures that pertain to your company’s facilities. Calvin C. Williams, Sr., Chief Instructor & President of PSTS, Inc. and nationally recognized Motivational Speaker, is also available by special request to conduct lectures and seminars at your facilities on “How to Prepare for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.” His presentations also include “How to Survive During Disasters” and “How to Improve Security & Deal With Emergencies Within our Facilities.” During his lectures he will explain what to do if you should experience a devastating catastrophe.

Since Mr. Williams’ seminars and speaking engagements are in great demand, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for his appearance at your facility after engaging his services. For additional information, visit web sites: www.confidencebuilderpublications.com, www.universalspeakersbureau.com, and www.calvinwilliams.net. For more information about Safety-Related Training, Site Safety Inspections, Audits, and Consulting, be sure to browse through the entire www.psts.com web site.
When you visit the NEWS web page and click onto Special Homeland Security News Alert, PSTS Safety News Briefs, and Can You and Your Employees Safely Walk Out of a Blackout?, you will find links to useful Web sites provided by the U.S. government and other associations and agencies. Some of these links feature articles on emergency preparedness, disaster control, recovery, security and helpful safety tips on how to instruct and ensure that your personnel are safer at work and your family is safer at home.

The need to plan and prepare in advance has become a fact of life. The environment and the world in general, are constantly being bombarded by external changes and threats—whether from natural disasters or the man-made political and economic upheaval. Depending on the part of the Country or wherever in the world your facilities and homes are located, you need to prepare according to the environment in which you reside. Many people have learned how to prepare emergency plans by observing and monitoring the news of the horrific terrorist attacks and destruction of the World Trade Center & Pentagon in 2001, the turbulence caused by tropical storms in 2005 that turned into destructive hurricanes in the southern and mid-western States, and the horrific wildfires and mud slides in 2005 that destroyed many homes on the west coast. Regardless of your location or situation, we hope the references in this section and on the applicable PSTS web pages prove to be of value as you make arrangements to protect your company’s physical assets and personnel.

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