Material Handling, Drum Leak and Spill Containment

Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. teaches workers that are assigned to cleanup hazardous materials how to handle hazards, inspect the scene and conditions, handle equipment, open containers, sample material, stage, and bulk drums. They are also taught how to evaluate the situation, notify the Supervisor, secure the area, control and contain the spill or leak, cleanup and thoroughly decontaminate all equipment, and dispose of contaminated material. 40-Hour and 8-Hour HAZWOPER and HAZMAT Responder Courses are taught on a weekly basis. Please browse our web site to view our list of Courses and reduced Course fees.

Please contact us to find out how to enroll into our interesting and informative safety-related courses. The majority of the courses of which we teach are in accordance with the latest OSHA, EPA, DOT, and MSHA Codes of Federal Regulations.

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