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Due to popular demand from many individuals, educational institutions, State and Federal Homeland Security agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire prevention and emergency response agencies, and management personnel from numerous companies throughout the USA, U.S. Territorial Agencies, and neighboring countries, a special four-hour National Security and Emergency Management Course has been prepared by Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS) Inc.

This informative and very interesting course will be conducted in the form of Seminars and Workshops. It can be presented to any type of audience or facility, and at any location throughout the USA and abroad, where people have the need to know how to protect themselves from serious danger, most of which can not be seen or detected before it happens. These seminars are also conducted at the Cal-Tech Learning Center. It is of the utmost importance for everyone to be aware of the horrific devastation to lives and property that can occur from situations that provide no advance warning. These dangerous situations could happen anywhere, when they are least expected. Proper preparation is the key.

Examples of such mass destruction happened in 1993 in the lower level of the World Trade Center in New York City, NY, where an explosion resulted in six deaths and 1,042 serious injuries. In 1995, 168 people were murdered and many injured in a bombing of a Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK. On September 11, 2001, thousands of people were killed in Tower #1 and Tower #2 of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, NY, as well as at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. In addition, on the same date, all unsuspecting passengers on United Airline flights #11, #77, #93, and #175 perished as a result of the horrific act of malicious terrorists. Those acts of terrorism also claimed the lives of many rescue workers, New York City Police, Firefighters, Court Administrators, and Emergency Medical Technicians, etc.

Even while you are reading this News Alert Article, thousands of people and buildings throughout the Middle East and other parts of the world, are being destroyed as a result of merciless terrorists and murderers that appear to have no regard for human life. There appears to be no end to this type of violence. The fact that most bombings and horrific acts of terrorism happen so quickly without warning, often make it difficult for the victims of such acts to react in time to prevent them from happening. As a result, massive amounts of people grouped together, are fatally injured.

We, as peace loving and caring people, are unable to recognize and prevent these horrible acts of terrorism and senseless murders before they happen. However, with the proper training and frequent practice, the public will become knowledgeable and more aware of their surroundings. We should make every effort to prepare in advance of potential acts of terrorism in order to establish safeguards for our families, employees, our co-workers, and ourselves. Some of the topics pertaining to National Security Emergencies and applicable subject matter that will be presented during the seminars to help the students to be well prepared, are:

  • How to Safeguard Against Acts of Terrorism
  • How to Prepare for Terrorism
  • How to Protect Against Cyber Attacks
  • How to Prepare for a Building Explosion
  • How to Deal With Bomb Threats
  • How to Recognize Suspicious Parcels and Letters
  • What to Do if There is an Explosion or Fire
  • How to Recognize the Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • What to Do to Prepare for a Chemical or Biological Attack
  • What to Do Before, During, and After a Chemical or Biological Attack
  • What to do Before, During, and After a Nuclear and Radiological Attack
  • What to Do Upon Returning to Your Home After an Evacuation
  • How to Deal With Threat Conditions and Associated Protective Measures

Acts of terrorism, manmade and natural disasters come in many forms, most often when you least expect them. The key to survival is to prepare for the worst, way ahead of time. In order to be as ready as one can be for whatever disaster that could occur without very little or no warning, we must all be well trained in preparedness and prevention measures, and then take the necessary steps to plan our actions, and work our plan. Failure to do so, and failure to follow-up with our actions, could result in unexpected, horrific situations of which many people would most likely suffer from by not being prepared in advance.

Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. are Specialists in providing safety-related training that teaches people how to prepare for and deal with most hazardous situations and emergency response operations, i.e., the horrific disasters that occurred in our nation on September 11, 2001. By popular demand, PSTS, Inc. is being requested by many companies, organizations, and agencies to conduct a series of seminars and workshops at their facilities. Many people still have vivid memories of the horrific tragedies that occurred in our nation and abroad, and there are others that feel that those were incidents that only happened a few times, and are most likely not to happen again. PSTS, Inc. would like to remind you that terrorism and other types of unexpected disasters could easily catch everyone off guard, despite our best prepared plans and preparedness programs. Therefore, we all need to be well trained and cognizant of terrorists’ threats and devious acts of terrorism.

If you, your firm, or organization, have a need to educate and protect the lives of people you associate with on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact information indicated on the contact link on this web page. PSTS, Inc. will travel to any location within the USA, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, or our neighboring country of Mexico, to present this very important course, in and effort to instruct people how to be aware, plan, prepare, and initiate the appropriate actions to survive acts of terrorism. At PSTS, Inc., we feel that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We believe that excellent training can create a public awareness, and also decrease the need for people to panic under times of distress.

Our reasonable rates for conducting the seminars are based on $135.00 person at the Cal-Tech Learning Center (CTLC) in Cherry Hill, NJ, and $155.00 per person at facilities that are located more than a 50-mile radius from the CTLC. A minimum of 10 students must be scheduled to attend the Course at the CTLC before the course can be conducted, and a minimum of 20 students must be scheduled for attendance at a location more than 50 miles away from CTLC, in order to offset expenses. Note: The cost of $155.00 per person based on no less than 20 students, also include the costs for travel expenses, meals, and lodging for the Instructors.


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