OSHA Training Update!

OSHA Has Initiated New Changes to their Outreach Training Program for Construction, General Industry, and Maritime Courses

The OSHA-Directorate of Training and Education has issued new rules for conducting 10 and 30-Hour Construction Safety & Health Courses and 10 & 30-Hour General Industry Safety & Health Courses of which Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. and other OSHA Outreach Trainers and Safety Training Companies must comply.

OSHA made the changes because they believe that the emphasis of training should be on the quality of training and the trainees’ ability to retain key information in order to recognize and avoid workplace hazards. Limiting training to more reasonable time increments will ensure higher quality safety training. Training days encompassing 11-13 hours are not conducive for worker learning and retention.

OSHA realizes that 10 hours per day is a long period of time for Students to sit in a classroom and still be alert enough to grasp all of the information presented to them in the course of a 10 hour day.  OSHA’s changes to the Outreach Process mandates the following requirements:

  • A 10-Hour Course is required to be conducted over a minimum of 2 days (7.5 hours maximum per day or 6 hours the first day and 4 hours the second day).

  • A 30-Hour Course will be required to be conducted over a minimum of 4 days.

If any Trainer does not meet the above requirements, OSHA will not send them Student Completion Cards to present to Students upon completion of the courses.

In order to comply with OSHA’s new requirements, PSTS, Inc. will start immediately to schedule 2 days for 10-Hour Construction & General Industry Safety & Health Courses and 4 days for 30-Hour Construction & General Industry Courses.

Since the 10-Hour Courses will require 2 days of training, the revised cost will be: $250.00 per person, and 4 day 30-Hour Courses will cost $450.00 per person. Upon completion of each Course, students will receive Course Completion Certificates printed in calligraphy and gold colored Completion Cards supplied by OSHA. A 10% discount will be given to Companies that send 10 or more of their employees to be trained. PSTS will also travel to a Company’s facility to conduct training for 10 or more personnel.

To enroll in any Courses offered by Professional Safety Training Services, Inc., please print the PSTS Student Enrollment Form, fill-out the information and fax the completed Form to (856) 427-9508 or send it by e-mail to: info@psts.com. The directions to our Training Center, a list of additional Courses, and other Safety-Related Services are indicated on web site: www.psts.com.  Your understanding, consideration and continual use of our services are sincerely appreciated.

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