Is your home, church, school, office building or place of business as safe and secure, as you would prefer them to be? You, your family, co-workers and customers may not be as safe and secure as everyone thinks they are. It is important to be trained, be aware, and always remain alert. Even if you have adequate alarm systems, you will never know if and when a terrorist, arsonist, or an unwanted intruder will find some way to enter into your facility with the intent to inflict serious damage to both the people inside, and the building. The proper safety & security training can save many lives.

Terrorists or natural disasters can strike without warning. Large buildings, public facilities, airports, marine terminals, train stations, and various modes of public transportation, are all vulnerable to unexpected attacks. These are some of the main reasons why training, emergency planning and emergency drill exercises should become a part of our daily routine.

Everyone should be well trained in advance to recognize potential hazards before they occur. We should all know what to do to safeguard and prevent serious injuries before they happen, what we should do during the catastrophe to protect ourselves, and what we should do afterwards to evacuate, be rescued, and hopefully be in a position to help rescue other survivors. Advance Security training will prepare people for the unexpected. We should never allow ourselves to become complacent.

If you are wondering where you can find a knowledgeable Instructor that will visit your location to conduct an interesting and informative Safety and Security Awareness Seminar, then you need look no further. Help is on the way! Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. will travel anywhere within the USA, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc., to teach at your facility.

Dr. Calvin C. Williams, President, CEO, and Chief Instructor, will personally visit your facility upon your request, to conduct a very interesting Power Point Presentation and Seminar upon your request. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Williams by calling: (800) 758-4440 or (856) 427-9500. Fax: (856) 427-9508, or send an e-mail to:

Hurry call now! Due to fear of the unknown, i.e., not being able to detect radiation by hearing, seeing, tasting or smelling, not being able to see an explosion before it happens, the possibility of being trapped in a room in a high-rise building during a ferocious fire, not being able to see or recognize airborne anthrax or asbestos fibers, and not being able to smell deadly chemical agents until it is too late, makes it imperative that the public be made aware of such hazardous and fatal situations before they happen.

An uninformed public can cause thousands of people to panic when the unexpected happens and catches them off guard, as it did in Oklahoma City and later in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is better to be prepared in advance. This can happen through quality Safety and Security Training presented by PSTS, Inc. Hurry! Contact us soon! Our international 4 Hour Emergency, Safety and Security Seminars are in great demand.

Safety and Security Awareness Seminar

Precautions to Take to be Safe and Secure
Presented by Calvin C. Williams, Sr., Ph.D.
President of Professional Safety Training Services, Inc.,
Universal Speakers Bureau, and Cal-Tech Learning Center



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