The Safety Training Business is Booming!

Since there are many hazardous waste sites to be cleaned up throughout the USA and U.S. Territorial Islands, and since the construction industry continues to be active and busy during the building of skyscrapers, homes, bridges, and roads, there will be plenty of opportunities for a company to provide Safety Training Services that could earn them a lot of money by preventing fatal injuries to personnel.

Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc., a successful minority owned Safety Training Firm, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is interested in partnering with a firm like yours that will agree to add a Training Service to your company brochure to inform potential clients that you are in the Safety Training Business.

The need for training is essential during construction activities on construction job sites, because there are too many cranes and buildings collapsing, too many workers dying during cave-ins of excavations, too many workers being electrocuted, too many workers falling off roofs, ladders, and scaffolds, too many workers are being injured in company vehicles, trapped in burning buildings, injured on forklifts, dying in confined spaces and many are suffering chronically from exposure to asbestos, lead, mold, radiation and many hazardous chemicals.

Your firm can capitalize on the great opportunity to earn a lot of money without actually conducting the training; you need only to acquire the location, advertise and market the dates of the Safety Training. PSTS, Inc., will travel to any pre-advertised location to conduct the training if there are 20 students or more in attendance. Your company will receive recognition for the training conducted and will also receive a lucrative financial percentage from PSTS, Inc., for acquiring individuals for the Courses and for coordinating the training events. PSTS, Inc., will provide and issue Student Manuals, Certificates, and Certification Cards.

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