The problem of blind spots
The area behind your vehicle can be a killing zone

Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc. is a Safety Training firm that teaches people how to work safely and also how to drive safely, carefully and defensively at all times.

With the growing popularity of large SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks, there has been an alarming increase in the number of accidents, injuries, and even deaths associated with vehicle back up accidents. In fact, in the United States alone, approximately two children per day are killed in these accidents. Factor in the more than 6,000 injuries and millions of dollars in car repair and you can see why there is such a problem.

Recently, due to the lack of complete visibility when backing up their fleet of large SUV's and pickup trucks, PSTS, Inc. decided to include backup cameras with rear view monitors attached to the Drivers' sun visors inside their vehicles to prevent them from backing up over children and other objects.

When PSTS, Inc. shopped around for the best price and most practical installation that would include complete monitor, camera and installation kits, they selected VISOR VIEW, INC. as the company to provide the applicable backup equipment for their vehicles. PSTS, Inc. was so pleased with the courteous manner and fine service they received from VISOR VIEW, INC. that the two companies agreed to refer each other's services and decided to link their web sites.


If you should decide to install a rear view backup camera and monitor in your personal or company vehicle, Professional Safety Training Services, Inc., based on our satisfaction, highly recommend that you visit the VISOR VIEW, INC. web site: to view their various types of backup monitoring systems. We are sure that once you view their video clip and their products, you will order the type of safety equipment that will prevent you, your family members, and your personnel from accidently backing over people and objects.

If you decide to purchase a backup monitoring system from VISOR VIEW, INC. Please inform them that Cal Williams of PSTS, Inc. recommended them to you. After your equipment is installed and if you are satisfied with your system's performance, please send PSTS, Inc. an e-mail at: to share your satisfaction with us.

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